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Certified Green Business Logo

Certified businesses receive both a decal and electronic version of the Certified Green Business logo. Your business can proudly display it on your doors, website, communications, and more!
Green Business Directory

All Certified Green Businesses are listed and categorized in DRG3's Green Business Directory.

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Free Promotion Opportunities

The DRG3 team works hard to find more and more ways to promote our Certified Green Businesses. Every business receives the following:

- DRG3 "likes" your Facebook page

- New businesses are listed in the monthly DRG3 newsletter

- Every business's logo is included in the scrolling web banner

- Every business is included in the Green Business directory

- Invitation to the newly certified businesses press conference

- Monthly green spotlight on a particlular green business

- Numerous networking and exhibiting opportunities

- And more!

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Cost Savings

The Green Business Certification Program helps you identify measures that save your business money while also reducing your environmental impact. Energy efficiency measures, waste reduction, product selection, and program incentives can all help your bottom line. Businesses have saved thousands of dollars via enhanced rebates and energy audit subsidies.

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Networking Opportunities

As a Certified Green Business, you join a network of over 200 businesses that want a brighter, greener future for the Miami Valley. DRG3's Sustainability Coordinators' Luncheons, monthly Green Drinks events, press conferences, and countless other opportunities allow you to show off your green practices and identify potential partners for your next green endeavor.

Press Conferences

At least once a year, DRG3 invites the community and the media to recognize the newly certified businesses. We celebrate the accomplishments of these businesses and launch ourselves into a new push to grow the program.

A Greener Image

The Green Business Certification tells customers, employees, and other businesses that your business wants a sustainable future for our region and is willing to "walk the talk."

Business to Business Discounts Back to top
10% Discount for all DRG3 Certified Businesses

AAA Wastewater is a local business that is Green Certified and Blue Certified for water stewardship and has been serving the Southwest Ohio communities for over 59 years! AAA Wastewater's team of problem solvers provides a variety of sanitation pumping services for industrial, commercial and residential customers including septic tank systems, grease traps and drains, and portable restrooms. Most importantly, they recover the resources from the wastewater they collect.!

10% Discount for all DRG3 Businesses

Some businesses may be eligible for larger discounts. BioGeenChoice is a manufacturer of compostable products. BioGreenChoice provides high quality compostable food service disposables and food packaging products for use in schools, hospitals, corporate cafeterias, restaurants, etc. This is great for all small businesses, restaurants, etc.

Heena Rathore, President / (937)630-3832 / heena@biogreenchoice.com

10% Discount on all Design Fees for your upcoming Projects

Cyp Studios offers traditional landscape architectural services which encompasses masterplanning, urban design and low impact development, as well as contract documents and administration. Discount does not apply to reimbursable expenses..

Eric R. Sauer / (937)660-9152 / eric@cypstudios.com

10% Discount on Roofing Projects for DRG3 Certified Green Businesses

eGreen installs sustainable roofing systems that not only protect the building and its contents, but also help lower energy consumption all while recycling the existing roof, providing a win-win for the environment and the building owner. The roofing systems have 10, 15 and 20 year renewable warranties. All roofs are seamless, fluid applied and energy star rated. eGreen has options to restore an existing roof, maintain an existing roof and/or build a new seamless roof assembly.

info@egreenroof.com / (937)865-3000

>>More Information

30% Discount on all Turn-Key Lighting Retrofit Projects and Detailed Engineered Lighting Audits

Lighting Optimizers, USA will offer a 30% discount on all turn-key lighting retrofit projects and detailed engineered lighting audits for DRG3 Certified businesses.

Josh Foor / (937)877-1919 / i jfoor@lightingoptusa.com

20% Discount on Occupancy Sensors

This is $42-$45 sensor. For DRG3 businesses King Lighting is offering a special price of $35, plus the standard $30 rebate from DP&L. The net cost will be around $5/sensor!

Eric Eshenbaugh / (937)223-0303 / /eric.eshenbaugh@king-lighting.com

20% Discount on LED P Series can light

A new LED replacement can light that can be used for residential or commercial projects, dimmable and easy to install. This would replace a 60W incandescent or 65W BR30 lamp.
Standard Cost: $36
Cost to DRG3 Green Certified Businesses: $29.70

Eric Eshenbaugh / (937)223-0303 / /eric.eshenbaugh@king-lighting.com

10% Discount on all Catering Services

Salar Restaurant and Lounge features an exciting menu of World-Fusion cuisine with strong French, Peruvian, and Mediterranean influences. In addition we offer an extensive selection of hand-crafted cocktails featuring fresh squeezed juices, fresh fruit and herbs, and only the finest spirits.

Daisy Garrett /daisyjgarrett@yahoo.com

Special Discounts on Green Office Supplies and Products

Since 1982, FBS Corporate Solutions has served local and national customers from its Dayton, Ohio headquarters, providing both office products and furniture solutions.

Andy Cuesta / (937)274-0900 /acuesta@salemoffice.com

Energy and Dollar Saving Incentives Back to top
Free Energy Audits for Small Businesses

Each Certified Green Business that owns or controls its space must have an energy audit performed. DRG3 offers a free audit to those businesses with less than 25 employees in the building.

DRG3@mcohio.org/ (937)225-6423

Subsidized Energy Audits

Businesses with more than 25 employees are eligible for an energy audit cost assistance from DP&L.

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Enhanced Rebates for Energy Efficiency Measures DP&L's energy efficiency rebates assist businesses with equipment upgrades and other energy-saving measures. Certified Green Businesses are eligible for 150% of the value of these rebates!

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DP&L New Construction Incentive Bonus

Dayton Power & Light is offering a $2,500 bonus to DRG3 participants who participate in the DP&L New Construction Program. To be eligible for a bonus a customer must:

1. Be a DP&L business customer

2. Obtain Green Business Certification through DRG3 before the New Construction Rebate is paid

3. Apply for a DP&L New Construction rebate by completing a DP&L New Construction Rebate Application

DP&L’s New Construction Incentive Program encourages building owners to surpass standard building codes. The rebates promote energy efficient design strategies by incenting reductions in the amount of energy that a completed new construction project or major addition would use.

To be eligible for a New Construction rebate, the application for rebate must be made while the project is in the design phase. The project should be scheduled to be substantially complete within 24 months of acceptance by DP&L. New Construction Rebate and the enhanced rebate will be paid only after Certificate of Use and Occupancy is obtained.

>> More information

Reduced Electricity Pricing for Certified Green Businesses This special fixed rate offer is lower than the DP&L standard offer and also below the DPL Energy Resources standing offer. The secure rate provides savings on the largest portion of your DP&L bill - generation and transmission charges. Plus you receive the added security of a dependable, fixed rate.

Already a DPL Energy Resources customer? DPL can help you save more today with no early termination fee.


Dayton Power & Light customers who are also Certified Green Businesses and have usage less than 700,000 kWh annually are eligible. If your usage exceeds this, call 888-674-3753 to discuss how DPL can help you save.

Stephen Match, DPL Energy / Stephen.Match@dplinc.com >> Enroll Today!

Use Partner Code 'DRG3'
Reduced Electricity Pricing for EMPLOYEES of Certified Green Businesses

Employees of Certified Green Businesses are eligible for special electricity pricing at home!

Maha Kashani, DPL Energy /(937)259-7934 / maha.kashani@dplinc.com

>> Enroll Today!

Use Employer 'DRG3'
Water Opportunities Back to top

Would you like to be recognized for how you manage land in a way that is water-friendly?

To recognize good stewards of the groundwater, and to encourage groundwater-friendly practices in our communities, the Aquifer Preservation Subdistrict (APS) of The Miami Conservancy District has funds to assist a limited number of non-profit organizations to pursue Groundwater Guardian (GG) Green Site designation and implement practices that protect groundwater. Certified Green Businesses are eligible to receive GG Green Site administrative fees and receive reimbursement for up to $2000 for practices.

The GG Green Site program, sponsored by the National Groundwater Foundation, recognizes good stewards of groundwater by encouraging managers of managed green spaces (office parks, nature centers, education campuses, golf courses, etc.) to implement, measure, and document their groundwater-friendly practices related to chemical use, water use, pollution prevention, water quality, and environmental stewardship.

Theresa McGeady / (937)223-1271 / tmcgeady@miamiconservancy.org

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