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Here is an example of the kind of assistance Green Certified Businesses can receive from Dayton Power & Light (DP&L): A food-processing facility seeking Green Certification obtains an ASHRAE Level 1 energy audit. The audit is performed and/or verified by a Professional Engineer (PE), or a Certified Energy Manager (CEM). The cost of the audit is $5,000.
  • 1. Upon completion of the audit, DP&L reimburses the customer $2,500 or 50% of the audit cost).
Two of the electric energy saving recommendations in the audit were to upgrade the facility’s compressed air system and replace the facility’s exterior HID lighting with LED lighting. Both projects are eligible for DP&L Business Rebates. The installed cost of the compressed air upgrade is $45,000. The installed cost of the lighting upgrade is $12,000. The company applies for DP&L Rapid and Custom Rebates online.
  • 2. Compressed air system's standard Custom Rebate value:$16,000DRG enhanced rebate value: $22,500 (max. 50% of project cost)
  • Lighting upgrade standard Rapid Rebate value: $1,200
    DRG enhanced rebate value: $1,800 (max. 150% of stated rebate value)
  • 3. Because the customer implemented measures from the audit in excess of the cost of the audit,DP&L will also reimburse the customer an additional $2,500 of their audit, which hits the maximum rebate value of $5,000 for energy audit assistance.

    That comes to a total of $27,300 in rebates for energy efficiency upgrades!
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