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Green Business Certification Tools FAQ What is an Energy Audit?

How long does the certification process take? The entire process, from the time you open the application to the time you receive your certification, could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Once the application is submitted, the Green Business Team will review the information. Once you have met all of the certification requirements, you'll receive an official certification notification within two weeks. If you were eligible for a free energy audit, then the Green Business team will schedule a time for a mutually convenient onsite verification visit
How do we get started?
We suggest you scroll briefly through this document or view a sample application (owner sample application , tenant sample application ) to get a feel for the level of effort required to become a certified Green Business. The application is designed to provide each business with the flexibility to pursue a wide variety of measures. The checklist can be saved, so you don't have to complete it all at once, and it can be shared with others in your organization.
When is an energy audit required?
Energy audit cost assistance:
Are there exemptions from the Energy Audit Requirement? The energy audit requirement is waived in the following circumstances:
  • The building is LEED certified
  • The building has already been audited in the past year. The audit must be ASHRAE Level 1 or higher
  • Your business is a tenant in the building and does not control the HVAC systems, lighting systems, or building upgrades (apply under the tenant program).
  • Your business is a home office (apply under the tenant program)
In all other cases, an ASHRAE Level 1 or higher energy audit is required.
How to apply? If you are uncertain at any point during the process or if you would like to meet with a DRG team member, please email us at DRG3@mcohio.org or call (937) 225-6423.

Applicants can apply under either the Owner Program (if you own your property and/or have control over building and equipment upgrades. In which case an energy audit is required) or the Tenant Program (if you rent your facility space and do not have control over building and equipment upgrades. In which case an energy audit is not required).

Applying under the Owner Program:
  • Businesses with less than 25 full-time employees in the building are eligible for a free energy audit from DRG team members (2 part-time employees = 1 full-time employee) . Please check the box in section B indicating that DRG will do your energy audit on the Green Business Application form. Once your Green Business Application checklist has been submitted, you will be contacted by DRG to schedule your energy audit.
  • Businesses with more than 25 full-time employees applying must have a contract in place for an energy audit. Fill in section C with the Energy Service provider information. Keep in mind that DP&L rebates energy audits.

Detailed Instructions:
  • Click 'Start a new application'
  • Choose the appropriate application from the two options listed. Please read the descriptions carefully.
  • Enter your business information in Section A.
  • ('Owner' Application Only) Choose the appropriate energy audit options in Section B.
  • ('Owner' Application Only) Enter your energy audit engineer's information in Section C. Businesses receiving a free audit from DRG can leave Section C blank.
  • Click 'Save' at the very bottom of the page.
  • The page will automatically refresh. Scroll back to the bottom and click 'Continue on checklist.'
  • For each category there is a combination of mandatory requirements and a required number of additional checklist items. At the end of each section click 'Save.' The page will automatically refresh. Scroll back to the bottom and click 'Continue on page #.'
  • You can start- stop filling the checklist at any time and share with others from your organization.
  • On the final page click 'Finish.' This will take you back to the tabulation chart. Be sure you have a 'Y' (yes) for each category in the 'Mandatory Points Achieved' column. Also check that you have matched or exceeded the minimum points required. Click 'Submit Application.'
  • You will receive confirmation from DRG via email. Businesses requesting a free energy audit from DRG will be contacted in the weeks following the submission of their application.
What is the cost of certification and how long is it valid? The first time application, which is valid for two years, is FREE. After which there is a $50 fee for recertification every two years.
Do you do on site verification before the certification is approved? No! However; 5% of businesses will be randomly audited for compliance every year. You will be contacted by our office if you were randomly chosen. Certified businesses can take credit for actions they commit to implement within a 6 month period of certification .
How does the 5% random verification process work? If you were randomly selected for auditing, the Dayton Regional Green 3 Green Business Certification Program staff will contact you to arrange a convenient time for an on-site verification visit. The on-site visit includes a visual review of your facility and a discussion with your staff involved in this effort. You are encouraged to think about what you would want to show the Program staff to demonstrate particular checklist item accomplishments. Documentation varies by action, but could include things like office products and signage, reports, correspondence, etc. While verification is central to ensuring the integrity of the DRG Green Business Certification Program, the onsite visit is designed to be collegial and helpful. The visit should not take long, although this is dependent upon the size and complexity of your organization.

If after the site visit noncompliance issues are noted; a grace period of six months will be given for compliance. The certification will be withdrawn if the business does not comply within the grace period.
Do we get credit for environmental actions our business is already implementing? Yes! In fact, some businesses might qualify for certification based on their existing practices.
How is Green Business Certification different from LEED certification? LEED certification focuses on buildings and their major systems while the Green Business Certification Program emphasizes the range of environmentally responsible actions a business can take in their day to day operations. There is a small degree of overlap between the two certification programs.
What types of businesses are eligible for certification? Office/retail/government businesses/manufacturing, many others are eligible for certification. Places such as non-profit organizations, houses of worship, schools, hospitals, and even home offices can become certified. Basically anything that operates as a business is eligible for certification!
Can a business submit an application for multiple locations? Certification is by individual building. Entities with more than one location (e.g. different branches of a bank or buildings within a campus) need to pursue certification for each location.
What is an FTE? This stands for Full Time Employee. For example, a business might have one employee that works full time (1.0) and two employees that work half time (.5) for a total of 2 FTEs.
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