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Join hundreds of Miami Valley businesses and organizations to reduce your environmental impact, save on energy and resources, and
green your business

Become Green Certified by complying with some madatory requirements and taking basic green measures from our Green Checklist
Once you're Green Certified, you will have access to online tracking tools to easily benchmark and track your progess
Take Bring Your Green (BYG) challenges throughtout the year and see how you stack up against your peers for cash prizes
Join us at the Awards Cermony to celebrate what we are able to accomplish together. Food, cash prizes, and good company!

A Few Certified Businesses

Montgomery County Solid Waste

Trash Disposal, Recycling, Yard Waste- public and comercial

Entriq Solutions

Energy efficient technology evolves at an astounding pace, and funding avenues are often difficult to navigate: coming and going before most are aware of them. Facility representatives struggle to keep up with the changing industry and most cannot afford in-house specialists. They need a dedicated partner who can master this field and work on their behalf. Entriq Solutions is that dedicated partner. Our team of experienced energy professionals have made careers of understanding the way buildings work, the fundamentals of efficiency measures, and how to combine the myriad components of a complex energy upgrade into one successful project. Entriq manages and performs all aspects of the energy project, together with any funding program requirements, so that the facility owners can focus on their core business model.

Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions

Our founder, Arthur Morgan, saw the strong and democratic community as both the seedbed of virtues and an antidote to the ills of globalization. The Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions, founded in 1940, is a non-profit organization that advocates for collective, cooperative, community-based solutions.