Welcome to Dayton Regional Green 3's Grade Your Energy Use Tool!

This tool will help you assess your energy use. You will be benchmarked against other businesses in your area and will be given a Green Rating.

Before you continue, please make sure have the following information:

  • 12 months of electricty bills
  • 12 months of natural gas bills (if your business uses natural gas)
  • The total heated and cooled square footage of your business

Important Note For Multi-use Buildings!: This tool is for single use buildings only. If your business has a combination of manufacturing, assembly, warehouse, and/or office space linked to the same utility bill, this tool will not display accurate information. Please consider using a more advanced energy benchmarking tool such as the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Portfolio Manager.
*Based on DOE's 2007 Portfolio Managers Calculation Engine