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ABM Building and Energy Services - 2360 West Dorothy Lane Suite 208
Adare Pharmaceuticals - 845 Center Drive
Aeroseal LLC - Building 1
American Trim - Sidney Facility
Archdiocese of Cincinnati - Pilarczyk Center
asian buffet - Building 1
Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm - Building 1
Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm - Building 2


Baby Boomers LLC - Building 1
Beavercreek Christian Church - Building 1
Becker Electric Supply - Corporate Office
BookFactory - Arena Business Center
Brown & Bills Architects, Inc. - Building 1
Brukner Nature Center - Building 1
Buckeye Green Cleaners - Building 1


Caterpillar - Clayton Distribution Center
CBRE, Inc - Kettering Tower
Charles F. Jergens Construction - 1280 Brandt Pike
Christ United Methodist Church - Kettering Campus
City of Clayton - Meadowbrook at Clayton
City of Dayton Department of Water. - Water Administration.
City of Dayton Department of Water. - WRF Administration
City of Dayton Department of Water. - WUFO Distribution.
City of Dayton WS&T - Electrical Shop
City of Dayton WS&T - Kiser Street Maintenance Shop
City of Dayton WS&T - L & M Building
City of Dayton WS&T - Mad River Well Field Building
City of Dayton WS&T - Miami Well Field Building
City of Dayton WS&T - Ottawa Pumping Station
City of Dayton WS&T - WST Administration and Lab Building
City Of Dayton - City Hall
City Of Dayton - Convention center
City Of Dayton - Cultural Center
City Of Dayton - Department of water Longworth Combined Pump Station
City Of Dayton - Greater Dayton Recreation Center
City Of Dayton - Lohrey Community center
City Of Dayton - Northwest community center
City Of Dayton - Safety Building
City Of Dayton - Street Maintenance Building 4
Compunet Clinical Laboratories - Sandridge
Court of Appeals - Common Pleas Court building


Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce - Building 1
Dayton International Airport - Building 1
*Dayton Power & Light MacGregor - MacGregor Park
*Dayton Power & Light - Dayton Service Building
dragon buffet - Building 2
dragon china - Building 3
dynamic plastics inc - Building 1


East End Community Services - Main Building
eGreen Roofing Solutions - Corporate Office
Elements IV Interiors - Corporate Headquarters
Energy Optimizers, USA - Home office


F&P America Mfg. Inc. - Building FPA
F.D. Lawrence Electric Co. - Building 1
Five Rivers MetroParks - 2nd Street Market
Five Rivers MetroParks - Cox Arboretum Education Center and Maintenance
Five Rivers MetroParks - Germantown Maintenance
Five Rivers MetroParks - Headquarters
Five Rivers MetroParks - Twin Valley Welcome Center
Five Rivers MetroParks - Wegerzyn Gardens
Furniture Express - Sidney Location


Go Sustainable Energy - Columbus Office
Go Sustainable Energy - Vandalia Office
Greater Dayton RTA - Building 1
Greater Dayton RTA - Building 2


*Heapy Engineering - Headquarters
Hobart Brothers - Troy Tubular
honeywell - main oh89


Johnson Welded Products, Inc. - JWP -625 S Edgewood


Kettering Schools - Beavertown Elementary
Kettering Schools - Fairmont High School
Kettering Schools - Greenmont Elementary
Kettering Schools - J. E. Prass Elementary
Kettering Schools - J. F. Kennedy Elementary
Kettering Schools - Kettering Early Childhood Education Center
Kettering Schools - Kettering Middle School / Indian Riffle Elementary
Kettering Schools - Maintenance Building
Kettering Schools - Oakview Elementary
Kettering Schools - Orchard Park Elementary
Kettering Schools - Southdale Elementary
Kettering Schools - Transportation Center
Kettering Schools - Van Buren Middle School / D.L. Barnes Building
Kettering Tower - 40 North Main


Lapedes Family LLC - Lion
LeVeck Lighting Products - Sales Office
LeVeck Lighting Products - Warehouse


MAHLE Behr Dayton, LLC - Site
Marriott at the University of Dayton - Marriott Hotel
Miami Conservancy District - Headquarters
Miami Valley Hospital South - MVHS
Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission - Courthouse Square Office
Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship - Building 1
Millennium Reign Energy LLC - Headquarters
Montgomery County Auditor's Office - Montgomery County Administration Building
Montgomery County Dept. of Job & Family Services, Children Services Division - Haines Bldg.
Montgomery County Dept. of Job & Family Services - Job Center
Montgomery County Engineer - Building 1
Montgomery County Environmental Services - Spaulding
Montgomery County HR - Montgomery County Administration Building
Montgomery County Records Center & Archives - Reibold Building
Montgomery County Solid Waste - Solid Waste Campus
Montgomery County STOP Building - Building 1
Montgomery County Treasurer - Admin Building 2nd Floor
Montgomery County - Administration Building
Montgomery County - Clerk of Courts / Admin Building
Montgomery County - Clerk of Courts / CPC Building
Montgomery County - Common Please Court Building
Montgomery County - Dayton Montgomery County Court Building
Montgomery County-General Division - CPC General Division
*Montgomery County - Madison Lakes Learning and Conference Center
Montgomery County - Mini University
Montgomery County - Regional Crime Lab
Montgomery County - Reibold Building
Montgomery County - Reibold Building General Division
Montgomery County - Sheriff Administration Building
Montgomery County - Sheriff Patrol


NCR - Dayton, OH
New Carlisle First United Methodist Church - Building 1


Plastipak - Building 1
Public Health-Dayton & Montgomery County - BCMH
Public Health-Dayton & Montgomery County - CADAS
Public Health-Dayton & Montgomery County - Drew Health Center
Public Health-Dayton & Montgomery County - Reibold
Public Health-Dayton & Montgomery County - Sunrise
PuroClean Emergency Services - Headquarters


RELX Group - LexisNexis Building 3
RELX Group - LexisNexis Building 1
RELX Group - LexisNexis Building 2
RELX Group - LexisNexis Building 4
RELX Group - LexisNexis Building 5/6
RELX Group - LexisNexis Building 9
RELX Group - LexisNexis Springfield
ReU Juice Bar - Mobile


SAS Automation LLC - Xenia, OH
Specialty Manufacturing Solutions - 5370 Salem Ave
St Vincent de Paul - Building 1


The Architectural Group - Walker Building
The Dayton Art Institute - Main Building
The Deli & Top of the Market - Building 1
The Kroger Co. - 014-758
The Kroger Co. - 014-825
The Kroger Co. - 014-935
THMG 10 West Second Street LLC - KeyBank Tower
Titan Loan Investment Fund LP - 130 West Second Street


University of Dayton - Arena
University of Dayton - Campus


Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio - Centerville


Waibel Energy Systems - Main Office
Wright Patterson Air Force Base - 711th HPW Bldg 840
Wright Patterson Air Force Base - AFIT Bldg 646
Wright Patterson Air Force Base - AFRL Bldg 600
Wright State University - Diggs Laboratory

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