2015-2016 HIGHLIGHTS

What It Is

winners Announced

"Bring Your Green Challenge" Winners Announced, October 13, 2016.

Dayton Regional Green, DP&L, and Vectren recognized local businesses and organizations from Montgomery and surrounding Counties for their environmental commitment and announced the winners of the year–long "Bring Your Green Challenge" as more than 100 buildings and offices competed to reduce their environmental impact and save energy and resources while engaging their employees.


Buildings Awards:
1st Place: Reed Elsevier, Lexis Nexis
2nd Place: Waibel Energy Systems
3rd Place: Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Pilarczyk Center
Tenants Award: Go Sustainable Energy

Innovation Awards: Dayton International Airport Miami Valley Hospital South

Special Recognition:

In addition, we recognized the top performing businesses in each scoring category: energy savings, water conservation, waste reduction and employee engagement:

Energy Savings: Montgomery County Madison Lakes (contest organizer, not eligible for prizes)
Water Conservation: Dayton Power & Light MacGregor Park (contest sponsor, not eligible for prizes)
Waste Reduction: Dayton Power & Light Service Building (contest sponsor, not eligible for prizes)
Employee Engagement: Waibel Energy Systems

Big impact

WHAT AN IMPACT! Bring Your Green participants prove that together we can make a difference for our environment. Participants have:

  • Prevented the release of more than11.3 million pounds (5,100 tons) of CO2 into the atmosphere
  • Realized $524,000 in energy cost savings during the year of the challenge
  • Applied for $1,000,000 in enhanced rebates to DP&L
  • Diverted more than 17,000 tons of waste from landfills (the equivalent of filling the Dragons Stadium Field with a pile 370 feet tall of recyclables)
  • Represented thousands of employees

View this slideshow to see the full impact report: View full impact report here


Community Green Idea Contest & Sustainability Grants

Bring Your Green Challenge has sponsored the Green Idea contest and the Sustainability Grant from Dayton Regional Green action teams.

In late 2015, Bring Your Green announced a 'Green Idea' contest, asking the public for innovative ideas that could help the environment and create a healthier and more sustainable community. We received 43 ideas! The winning Green idea was voted on by Dayton Regional Green leadership and awarded to Amy Brandl, who was recognized at a Sustainability Luncheon in April 2016 and handed her $500 check.

All green ideas were submitted to DRG Action teams for adoption and inspiration as they prepared their own 2016 Sustainability Grant Applications.

We have received 5 grant applications with requests for funding from DRG Action teams. Two of the applications were based on green ideas received from the Community. BYG participants decided on the winning grants as each BYG participant was given 3 votes to spend on one project or divide them up between several projects. In return, participants received 100 points for exercising their right to vote!

The votes were in, and the following teams received funding towards their projects: