The Architectural Group

Walker Building

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Dayton, Ohio, OH

Number of Employees:


Facility Size

31700 sq. ft.

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What We Do:

The Architectural Group is Professional design organization located in Downtown Dayton for 25 years. We have been in the Walker Building since 1994 and purchased the building in 2000.

Why We Care:

For the fame!

Our Green Achievements


Overall Energy Reduction

500 pts.

Apply For DP&L Rebates

35 pts.

Apply For Vectren Rebates

35 pts.

Employee Shut Off Pre-challenge Survey

20 pts.

Thermal Comfort Survey

20 pts.

Game On Press Conference

10 pts.

DRG Sustainability Luncheon - October

10 pts.

Lunch & Learn Data Entry

10 pts.

February Sustainability Luncheon: Great Things are Happening

10 pts.

Invite Vectren

20 pts.

Print Less

40 pts.

Turn It Off!

40 pts.

Tap In

40 pts.

Wise Purchaser

50 pts.


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