SAS Automation LLC

Xenia, OH

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Xenia, OH

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Facility Size

12000 sq. ft.

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What We Do:

SAS Automation, located in Xenia, Ohio, designs and manufactures robotic end-of-arm tooling and gripper systems for a variety of applications in industries such as automotive plastics, packaging and palletizing, and food. We are the leader in our field and supply products through sales offices in Germany and China as well as distributors throughout the world.

Why We Care:

Our company is competing because we understand the importance of being “green”. From the 51.2kW solar array installed on our building in Xenia to our many recycling activities within our facility, we believe in doing our part. We are pleased and excited to be a part of such a worthwhile cause.

Our Green Achievements

Sustainability Grant Voting

100 pts.


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