Montgomery County STOP Building

Building 1

Other,Residential Drug Intervention Program / Tennant

6 th





Dayton, OH

Number of Employees:

Facility Size

sq. ft.

What We Do:

We are a drug intervention program operated by the Montgomery County Probation Department. We currently house 48 men and are hoping to house 48 women in the near future.

Our Green Achievements


Overall Waste Diversion

430 pts.

Sustainability Grant Voting

100 pts.

Employee Shut Off Pre-challenge Survey

20 pts.

Thermal Comfort Survey

20 pts.

Team Master

50 pts.

Game On Press Conference

10 pts.

Lunch & Learn at the Environmental Learning Center

10 pts.

Forward Our Energy Quiz

40 pts.

Forward Our Recycling Quiz

40 pts.

Forward Top Tips: Put Your Computer To Sleep!

40 pts.

Forward Top Tips: Rethink Print!

40 pts.

Forward Top Tips: No More Junk Mail!

40 pts.

The Green Team Guide.

20 pts.

Reducing Plug Loads.

10 pts.

Getting Building Occupants Recycling.

20 pts.

Responsible Paper Policies - Case Studies.

10 pts.

Tips for Planning "Green" Meetings & Events.

10 pts.

Print Less

40 pts.

Turn It Off!

40 pts.

Tap In

40 pts.


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