Montgomery County

Mini University

K-12 School / Building




Dayton, OH

Number of Employees:


Facility Size

11100 sq. ft.

Connect With Us:

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Also Competing:

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What We Do:

Montgomery County's mission is to improve the health, safety and welfare of our citizens, the strength of our economy and the quality of our environment. The Facilities Management Division operates over 30 facilities across the County, including the Mini University.

Why We Care:

To help further sustainability in Montgomery County. As a county facility, we feel it is our responsibility and obligation to help lead the way in sustainable efforts throughout our region. Our goals for this facility include reducing energy use and costs, while maintaining occupant comfort and productivity.

Our Green Achievements

Sustainability Grant Voting

100 pts.

DRG Sustainability Luncheon - October

10 pts.

Invite Vectren

20 pts.

Support Local Food

20 pts.


New Competitor! - May 05, 15
Mini University - Mini University is now competing!