Kettering Tower

40 North Main

Office / Building




Dayton, OH

Number of Employees:


Facility Size

495614 sq. ft.

Connect With Us:

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Also Competing:

CBRE, Inc - Kettering Tower

What We Do:

Kettering Tower, situated in downtown Dayton, is the City’s tallest building and the focal point of Dayton’s skyline.

Why We Care:

To get Green Certified, gain publicity, save money, and have fun while doing it.

Our Green Achievements

Apply For DP&L Rebates

35 pts.

Plug Load Master

200 pts.

Employee Shut Off Pre-challenge Survey

20 pts.

Thermal Comfort Survey

20 pts.

Pump Them Up!

10 pts.

Game On Press Conference

10 pts.

Cleanup Crew

40 pts.

Social Media Star!

40 pts.

Forward Our Energy Quiz

40 pts.

Forward Our Recycling Quiz

40 pts.

Forward Top Tips: Put Your Computer To Sleep!

40 pts.

Forward Top Tips: Rethink Print!

40 pts.

Reducing Plug Loads.

10 pts.

Getting Building Occupants Recycling.

20 pts.

Responsible Paper Policies - Case Studies.

10 pts.

Print Less

40 pts.

Turn It Off!

40 pts.

Tap In

40 pts.

Wise Purchaser

50 pts.

Paper Tracker

200 pts.


New Competitor! - Jul 22, 15
Kettering Tower - Kettering Tower is now competing!