Kettering Schools

Fairmont High School

K-12 School / Building




Kettering, OH

Number of Employees:


Facility Size

424242 sq. ft.

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What We Do:

We want to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us by the Kettering tax-payers.

Why We Care:

Commitment to improving our energy usage.

Our Green Achievements


Overall Energy Reduction

100 pts.


Overall Waste Diversion

410 pts.

Sustainability Grant Voting

100 pts.

Apply For DP&L Rebates

35 pts.

Energy Innovator


Game On Press Conference

10 pts.

Dayton Green Expo

10 pts.

DRG Sustainability Luncheon - October

10 pts.

Master Composter

50 pts.

Special Recycling Equipment

40 pts.


New Competitor! - Jul 28, 15
Kettering Schools - Fairmont High School is in the competition!