ABM Building and Energy Services

2360 West Dorothy Lane Suite 208

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Dayton , OH

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Facility Size

2000 sq. ft.

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What We Do:

We are a combined management location for several ABM core specialties. BES is Building and Energy Solutions which provides financial relief for clients operational challenges with energy conservation based solutions. We operate the Linc System for HVAC service and preventative maintenance. As the largest manager of custodial services for commercial property in the United States, the southwest Ohio account is also managed from this Dayton location.

Why We Care:

We are competing to increase our internal awareness of the service portfolio we provide to our customers and clients. We like to think we "talk the talk" very well but this is our chance to show we can "walk the walk" as well!

Our Green Achievements


Overall Energy Reduction

200 pts.

Plug Load Master

200 pts.

Forward Our Recycling Quiz

40 pts.

Forward Top Tips: Put Your Computer To Sleep!

40 pts.

Forward Top Tips: Rethink Print!

40 pts.

Forward To Your Employees - Community Green Idea

40 pts.


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