East End Community Services

Main Building

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Dayton, OH

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Facility Size

5768 sq. ft.

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What We Do:

East End Community Services is a non-profit organization located in inner east Dayton. Our mission is to bring about a prosperous, caring and healthy community that nurtures children toward success. Our programs and services improve parenting skills, support academic success for children, promote youth resiliency, H.S. completion and entrance into college or job training programs. We help families secure employment, achieve financial stability, improve their housing, and improve urban neighborhood livability and safety.

Why We Care:

East End is committed to energy conservation to do our part to reduce energy consumption and free up our financial resources for mission-related activities.

Our Green Achievements


Overall Energy Reduction

300 pts.


New Competitor! - Aug 12, 15
East End Community Services - Main Building is in the competition!