LeVeck Lighting Products

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Dayton, OH

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Facility Size

2500 sq. ft.

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LeVeck Lighting Products - Warehouse

What We Do:

LeVeck Lighting Products and Maintenance is one of the Midwest's most trusted lighting solutions advisor.

Why We Care:

At LeVeck Lighting, we recognize as a company, we have the power to control many of our business choices and, therefore, the impact we create: from where we conduct business, to what we purchase, as well as where we make the purchase and how we use those products. We recognize our global impact and we want to continue to improve our efforts to make that a positive impact in our community and in our business.

Our Green Achievements


Overall Energy Reduction

1300 pts.

Wise Purchaser

50 pts.

No More Junk Mail!

50 pts.

Paper Tracker

200 pts.

Drink Responsibly & Tap In

50 pts.


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